Towards Cascadia Now Available in Paperback

Towards Cascadia Book Cover

When I published my book, Towards Cascadia, in Ebook format last fall, the number one piece of feedback I received was the desire for a physical book. There’s something about the printed word that will never be overshadowed by technology. After several months of coordination, formatting, and final tweaks, I’m pleased to announce that Towards Cascadia is now available in paperback.

The book itself is about the Pacific Northwest, why its society is set apart from the rest of North America, and how to achieve a new vision for the future. It explores notions of societal identity, bioregionalism, freedom, politics, and more as they pertain to Cascadia.

Ever wonder why living in, and being a part of, the Pacific Northwest truly feels different than living in any other part of the United States or Canada?

Ever wonder why you can travel from Oregon or Washington to British Columbia (or vice versa) and feel very much at home, while traveling to another region in your own country feels foreign and unfamiliar?

Ever wonder why political dysfunction or disunity within the United States or Canada feels more potent and more regionally-based than ever before in modern history?

Every wonder how Cascadia could unite and even possibly become independent from Canada and the United States without becoming hostile or starting a war?

Ever wish that a new beginning was actually possible and attainable, but you just don’t know where to start?

I asked myself these same questions. After more than 3 years of exploring these ideas, reading books and essays from fellow Cascadians, and challenging my own pre-existing worldview, I did my best to produce a cogent argument for Cascadia which could reach most in this region, including the majority of people who have never heard of Cascadia before. And now, it’s available for you to read in an actual physical book.

If you’re interested, you can buy your copy of Towards Cascadia today: