Interested in learning more about topics covered in Towards Cascadia? Here’s a list of resources which helped in the development of the book, along with others you may be interested in.

Books and Websites on Cascadia
These resources were used as research material for Towards Cascadia:

Cascadia: The Elusive Utopia—Exploring the Spirit of the Pacific Northwest, edited by Douglas Todd.

This was one of the single most influential books which helped lead to Towards Cascadia. It includes essays from several scholars on Cascadian identity, history, religion, economy, and more.

Occupied Cascadia, a documentary film directed by Devin Hess and Mel Sweet, produced by Casey Bryan Corcoran.

Religion & Public Life in the Pacific Northwest: The None Zone, edited by Patricia O’Connell Killen and Mark Silk.

Cascadia Institute, an organization founded by David McCloskey, professor, cartographer, and creater of the definitive bioregional map of Cascadia.

Sightline Institute, an independent, nonprofit research and communications center devoted to making a strong and sustainable region.

Christ & Cascadia, a blog on religious and ecotheological themes in the Cascadian region.

Other Books and Websites on Cascadia

Department of Bioregion, an educational and media organization promoting the interests of the Cascadian reigon.

Cascadia Now!, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to cultivating a positive region with a distinct identity.

The People of Cascadia: Pacific Northwest Native American History, by Heidi Bohan.

Books and Websites on Bioregionalism

The Biosphere and the Bioregion: Essential Writings of Peter Berg, edited by Cheryll Glotfelty and Eve Quesnel.

Planet Drum Foundation, a grass-roots organization founded by Peter Berg, the father of bioregionalism.

Books on Regionalism in Upper North America
These resources were used as research material for Towards Cascadia:

The Nine Nations of North America, by Joel Garreau.

American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America, by Colin Woodard.

Books on the Philosophy of Freedom and Liberty
These resources were used as research material for Towards Cascadia:

On Liberty, by John Stuart Mill.

Liberty: Incorporating Four Essays on Liberty, by Isaiah Berlin, edited by Henry Hardy.

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