Towards Cascadia Book Cover

Towards Cascadia is about the unique region of Cascadia, why its society needs a new future, and how to achieve it peacefully. This book explores the following themes in detail:

    The unique identity of Cascadia’s society: the ethos of the Pacific Northwest unified across international borders.
    Bioregionalism and its effect on shaping ethos: how Cascadia is a coherent region of people unified across a diverse array of auxiliary human characteristics, such as skin color, ethnicity, religion, and more.
    A new understanding of freedom: a concept based on balance between the liberties of individuals and the liberties of a collective body meant to govern such individuals.
    The political status quo of Cascadian society: the root causes of our most fundamental political issues.
    The possibility of Cascadian independence: how to achieve real, tangible sovereignty in a practical manner according to the constitutional principles of Canada and the United States.

The goal of this book is to propose a different way of understanding the Pacific Northwest and regional differentiation in upper North America.

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